Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sarah Tate has stepped up to the challenge of chairing the tournament committee for the 2010 world Bobberball tournament.

WBA president and founder, J. B. Tate, announced earlier today that his wife, Sarah Tate, will be stepping up to chair the committee overseeing the 2010 World Bobberball Tournament. In a prepared statement WBA spokesman, Josh Tate, stated, "The inaugural 2009 tournament was a great success, but there is always room for improvement, and we feel that Sarah Tate will bring the kind of leadership and attention to detail that will take future tournaments to the next level."


(The coveted Bobberball Cup)

The World Bobberball Association is pleased to announce Steve "Sheriff Lovely" Maxon as the winner of 2009's international tournament. As this was the nascent sport's inaugural tournament, Steve has the singular honor of being the first champion of the sport. Steve also holds the record for the highest known score in Bobberball history- 21 points. He'll have a target on his back going into the 2010 tournament. Enjoy it while it lasts, Steve. We're all gunning for you in 2010.
Freakishly long arms and an indomitable will to win characterize Maxon, who is rumored to have undertaken a 2-week train trip to learn the secrets of Bobberball at the site of its invention. When competing he takes on the guise of a small-town lawman who holds your fate in his oddly calloused hands and doesn't appreciate your attitude one bit. He has the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a lion, and the stout constitution of a bear. As a result he has been banned from all zoos in North America. Children trust him.
(Sarah Tate has stepped up to the challenge of chairing the tournament committee for the 2010 world Bobberball tournament. Hopefully, under her leadership things will flow a little more smoothly than the 2009 tournament. Sorry for all of the hiccups.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Some of you may be wondering, “ What is Bobberball, exactly?” Let me explain how the game is played.

A. To play Bobberball hang a Bobber suspended at the end of a five inch length of string from the ceiling above an area that is free of obstructions and where it will be comfortable to lie down flat on your back. If you own a dog, it is advisable to remove said dog from the area before beginning play.

B. The goal of the game is to score the most number of points or the lowest number of negative points.

C. Lying flat on his/her back beneath the bobber, each player throws the bobberball ten times, called a “SET” attempting to strike the bobber suspended from the ceiling.

D. The throw will result in one of four outcomes:
1. If the ball is thrown and hits nothing that is called a ZERO and is worth 0 points.
2. If the ball is thrown and hits the ceiling, but does not hit the bobber, that is called a NEGATIVE and is worth -1 points.
3. If the ball is thrown and strikes the bobber and either the bobber or bobberball also strikes/struck the ceiling that is called a TWO, which is worth 2 points.
4. If the ball is thrown and strikes the bobber, and neither the bobber or bobberball strike the ceiling that is called a FINESSE and is worth 4 points.

E. If the player fails to catch the ball after the throw the result of the throw is nullified and the throw will be counted as a ZERO. This is generally a penalty, but can be used to a player’s advantage if a NEGATIVE was thrown. A ZERO will also be declared if a player’s buttocks move in an attempt to catch the bobberball. Only 4 ZEROs are allowed during a set. If a player throws more than 4 ZEROS the player is automatically disqualified.

F. The Bobber may be steadied prior to the start of a SET, but the bobber may not be steadied during play.

G. One or more observers of good character and unimpaired vision must be designated to judge and record the result of the throws.

H. The shoulders must be flat on the ground when the ball is thrown. If the shoulders leave the ground when the ball is thrown the judge(s) will declare a misthrow and the ball will be thrown again.

I. The buttocks must not move while attempting to catch the descending ball. Movement of the buttocks will result in a ZERO for that throw.

J. For tournament play Bobberball must be played using an eight foot ceiling, and players may not throw from an elevated position such as a couch, table, mattress. A player must lie directly on the ground during tournament play.

K. The player with the most points or the fewest number of negative points wins!